Top from left to right: Conrad Lewis, Fenglai Liu, Myranda Uselton, Matthew Wang.
 Bottom from left to right: Yu Jianguo, Jing Kong, Yiting Wang, Dwayne John

Research Highlight

Systems with strong correlation such as molecules with significant multiconfiguration characters impose a major challenge to density functional theory (DFT). We have recently published a new general functional named KP16/B13 towards solving this problem. It is based on adiabatic connection and Becke'13 and contains a single term that handles the nondynamic correlation of all strength, from weak to strong. We have also implemented other 4th-rung functionals, namely B05, PSTS, and B13 that are designed to treat correlation due to delocalized exchange in highly correlated systems. Below is a graph comparing the new functional with various other functionals for a disassociating nitrogen molecule. The paper can be downloaded here.

Research Interests

The main theme of our research is the development and application of computational methods for the study of many-atom systems based on electronic structure theory. Thus far, we have concentrated on improving the efficiency (computing speed) and accuracy of density functional theory (DFT). DFT is the most widely applied ab initio QM-based method because it provides a framework that strikes the best balance between accuracy and computational scaling. The areas of our research includes: (1) DFT algorithms; (2) DFT functionals; (3) high-performance computing (parallel, GPU); (4) applications of DFT to molecular biology, chemical engineering, and materials research.


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